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Se podría decir que Delfos es español para “generosidad.”

Photo by Lois Greenfield.

Photo by Lois Greenfield.

Delfos Danza Contemporánea isn’t messing around (you can tell that just by looking at their website). The Mexico City-based company is kickstarting their Dance Center engagement with some great community events.

Saturday, March 28 at 2:00pm, a panel discussion between

  • Claudia Lavista, cofounder of Delfos Danza Contemporánea
  • Olivia Rodriguez, modern and contemporary dancer and Columbia College Chicago graduate
  • Anabel Tapia of the Chicago-based Mexican performance group Tarima Son
  • and facilitator Jorge Valdivia, director of performing arts at the National Museum of Mexican Art

will “explore the links, tensions and movements of Mexican folkloric and contemporary dance, how these dance forms intersect and diverge, and how artistic expression is impacted by personal and global identity.”  The talk will be held at the Pilsen museum and is free with no reservations required.

Then, for all you dancers hankering not only to see their gorgeous movers at work but get a piece or two of the wisdom behind it, there will be a free workshop, presented in collaboration with Hedwig Dances, Monday, March 30 from 9:30am-12:30pm at the Chicago Cultural Center.  Attendees “will experiment with different choreographic processes, generating organic movement rooted in sensory consciousness of the body in relation to three-dimensional space.”  Nice.  Space is limited, so get your RSVP on by calling (312) 369-8341 or writing ascott (at) colum (dot) edu ASAP.

Photo by Lois Greenfield.

Photo by Lois Greenfield.

Tuesday, March 31 from 6:00-8:00pm, Lavista will be holding a master class at Lou Conte Dance Studio on “exploring relationships between and the management of energy and body dynamics, working with specific impulses, and generation of more organic and free flowing movement, as well as extensive consciousness of the body in relation to tridimensional space by using sensory consciousness and imagination.”  This one ain’t free, however, but it is reasonable:  $15, which you can put to work on reserving a space here.

Phew!  More to come on Delfos and the mixed bill they’ll perform at the Dance Center April 2-4.  In the meantime, here’s a video of Delfos’ Omar Carrum in Michael Foley’s Joan of Arc-inspired solo, Juana.



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