Posted by: trailerpilot | 03:21::2009

Everybody’s dancing–tonight!

The Impending Behavoir Orchestra.  Photo by Carl Wiedemann.

The Impending Behavior Orchestra. Photo by Carl Wiedemann.

Once upon a time, the next Circle in the Square: New Works in Dance Theatre was but a shadow on the horizon, and now suddenly it’s happening this weekend! Tonight at 7:30, and tomorrow at 3:00pm, a slew of dancers and performers will be taking the stage at the Ruth Page Center for the Arts.

Check the lineup:

  • Winifred Haun
  • Andrew Adams & Erika Gilfether
  • Dawn Marie Galtieri
  • Christopher Ellis
  • Lonny Gordon
  • Donna PridGeon
  • The Impending Behavior Orchestra (feat. Barry Bennett & Kristin Reeves with Atalee Judy, Kristina Fluty & Mindy Meyers)
  • The Space Movement Project

It’s on and upon us, so go!  You know where Page’s is, right?  Discounted parking in the public lot at 1025 N. Clark.  Tickets only $20-25, $15 homeschoolers discount, and kids 6 and under are free.  Call up (773) 782-9471 and/or visit Winifred Haun’s website.

(More info still at Time Out Chicago here.)


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