Posted by: trailerpilot | 03:21::2009

Thanks, GrandpaSafari!

Something that’s remained fairly elusive well into the internet age is William Forsythe’s 1999 CD-ROM codex Improvisation Technologies: A Tool for the Analytical Dance Eye.  Copies are hard to find and quite expensive and the format, while ideal for housing what is essentially an instruction manual, will be archaic sooner rather than later.  A longtime wish of mine is for Improvisation Technologies to be copied as a website; in the meantime, we have the next best thing in YouTube user GrandpaSafari, who it seems has copied most if not all of the disc’s contents to his channel.

Along with Ohad Naharin’s Gaga method, the development of Forsythe’s IT is the most significant and complete contemporary addition to humankind’s catalogue of codified movement studies.  If you’ve never seen any of the CD-ROM, well, here it is.  Wow.



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