Posted by: trailerpilot | 01:16::2009

Sought and found.

This is great:  Just last week I was throwing a carrier pigeon out into the internets, asking for more information about Marissa Perel, and today the CDF mailing list drops off a release about the next Silverspace Salon.  It’s with Marissa Perel.  That was certainly easy.

There’s a link in there to her blog, which–although only two posts in–is interesting to say the least, assessing the commencement of posting weekly through the concept of xenia and, more specifically, complex issues related thereto as discussed by Jacques Derrida.  (I have to say:  I read a lot of blogs, and it isn’t every day that these kinds of ideas pop up.)  I’m looking forward to meeting her, and hearing more about her experience as part of the Miguel Gutierrez project.   The Salon hits Silverspace Monday, February 2 from 7:00-9:00pm.  It’s free, although an RSVP via email is requested–you can find both kinds of address on the Silverspace site.


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