Posted by: trailerpilot | 01:16::2009

High-teck Aussie floorwork.

I made no attempt to hide my adoration for Chunky Move when they brought I Want To Dance Better At Parties to the MCA a few years back (I’d link to my fawning Flavorpill preview here but–NO!–it done disappeared).  Anyway, I had sort of lost track of them–not surprising considering they could not be based any further away from here–but they’ve popped up on that newfangled TenduTV, in an interview with AD Gideon Obarzanek about his solo Glow.  He’s obviously highly geeked out about technology, and works with it on a level that few choreographers can (as opposed to the too-common issue of choreographer-has-vague-vision-of-highly-complex-or-impossible-effect-he-or-she-hasn’t-the-first-idea-about-how-to-execute*).  Also interesting was this floor-solo-as-music-video for New Buffalo that popped up as related, which I suppose it is.  Not exactly breaking news, but they make a nice pair.  Enjoy.

*Which is, of course, fine in theory–artists in all media visualize experiences and effects that they have some sense are possible, then consult experts in the field for advice on how to actualize these effects or adjust them to meet technological or budgetary constraints.  However, the key word here is “consult,” and I’ve seen more than a few cases where that verb was replaced with “bully” or “throw tantrum about why can’t anybody else here think like an artist and just do what I tell them to,” which verb replacements are always unfortunate (and often organizationally-endangeringly-expensive) for everyone involved.



  1. […] through these realms seemed dictated largely by the setup’s dictates to her, not unlike Gideon Obarzanek’s similarly tech-heavy solo work Glow.  Higashino begins power-walking with short strides between downpulls, stopping stock-still in the […]

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