Posted by: trailerpilot | 01:15::2009

Workshop smorgasbord.

More improv news:  Synapse Arts Collective is hosting a workshop Saturdays in February beginning the 7th.  The three two-and-a-half-hour sessions will be hosted by Lisa Gonzales and Jennifer Kayle of The Architects.  When it comes to movement improv (often practiced in a vacuum) blind spots abound, even with the use of a camera, and habit can create cycles and ruts that are hard to break out of.  Cost is $75 for the sessions, $60 for students, which is a good price point considering what you’re likely to get out of it.  The workshop’s focus looks to be on balance between solo practice and composition via opening up the group dynamic–if you use improvisation as a tool to generate choreography, this probably couldn’t be further up your alley.  Sign up is being handled over at the Link’s Hall website (where the workshops will be held), there’s a Facebook webpage, and more info is posted on Synapse’s site as well.

While I’m still firmly within the “novice” category when it comes to Feldenkrais study, everything I know I learned from Kathleen Aharoni and I’m telling you, the woman knows what she’s talking about.  If she didn’t have such a gentle manner, her ability to determine from a passing glance what your movement impetus and underlying thought process are would be almost freaky.  But, she’s a sweetheart and, through a longtime association with Molly Shanahan, really knows how to connect Feldenkrais practice to the dance experience.  Mad Shak is presenting a Wednesdays workshop on Awareness Through Movement (ATM) with Aharoni that starts next week (1/21 from 1:15-2:30) and runs through March 11.  The classes are being held in the Mad Shak space on the third floor of the Berger Park Cultural Center.  Also a sweet deal, the full workshop costs $80; drop-in sessions are available to the noncommital for $15 each.  Kristina Fluty will set you up via email at mollyshanahanmadshak (at) gmail (dot) com–tell her trailerpilot sent ya.

AND, lastly, Karen Christopher and Bryan Saner of the late Goat Island Performance Group are ‘shoppin’ it up at Link’s Hall this Saturday for an all-day (10:00-4:00) intensive on “strategies for working collaboratively and investigating ideas for performance presentation.”  $70 buys you in and, while I’ve not met Bryan, Karen’s brilliant and you should listen to everything she says.  Register here.



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