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Linkage | April 1–8, 2012

Recently Found Among Digital Notes to Self

David Lynch’s “Crazy Clown Time”

The Stage’s survey of fallout triggered by Arts Council England cuts

Education Week’s rundown of the effects of a newly implemented federal requirement for calculating high-school graduation rates

Roberta Smith’s exasperated response to Morley Safer’s exasperated response to Art Basel Miami Beach

Phil Rosenthal’s look at the state of Groupon

Jeff Ruby’s Nutraloaf taste test

Zac Thompson’s thoughts on church

Brent DiCrescenzo’s appreciation of early-’90s hip-hop

A roundtable chit-chat among regular dance critics for The New York Times and commenters

A one-on-one between a singer and a president

Maybe the best example yet of James Cameron’s perfectionism

What might’ve been a weightless reading by Evgenia Obraztsova and Matthew Golding of the adagio from Tschaikovsky Pas de Deux, were it not for molasses poured into the orchestra pit

A Balanchine reading closer to the source

Vowels and avant-books

Misha and Liza with a Z and Norwegian subtitles

Justin Vivian Bond’s “Patriot’s Heart” and Jason A. Heidemann’s Time Out Chicago story on Bond

“Changes that appear to give [Ariana] Huffington more authority within the closely watched media company” that bears her name

The end of Ai Weiwei’s brief experiment in self-surveillance-as-political-statement

The call for entries for an art exhibition in Times Square

Andrew Beaujon’s observation about the gender breakdown among National Magazine Awards nominees and his follow-up after speaking with ASME chief executive Sid Holt

Sarah Leonard’s essay on transparency at The New Inquiry

Marcus Gilmer’s investigation of his feelings about the Occupy movement

Barbara Brotman’s investigation of how weed has evolved and another bit of old news

Rick Perlstein’s thing about Rahm Emanuel and Whet Moser’s response to that thing

Tim Weiner’s obituary for Mike Wallace and Brian Stelter’s roundup of reactions to Wallace’s death and another roundup of reactions on Mashable plus clips from some notable interviews

David Carr’s catalogue of a baronial trend in newspaper ownership

A catalogue of a different sort

Lourdes Lopez’s new job

Tamara Rojo’s new interest

Middle America’s new moves

Debbie Harry’s once-high-tech portrait

What Chloe Angyal jokingly labeled OWS with better choreography

What Pointe magazine termed a strange, confusing, fascinating story



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