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Linkage | March 18–31, 2012

No, you didn’t miss anything—there was no Linkage post last weekend. And although this one represents a full two weeks’ worth of internetting, much of what I sent myself within that span is now stale. Still fresh enough, in my opinion, for consumption today are the following items, listed by date of birth.

March 18: The New York Police Department issued a press release in response to “the critics” and an unspecified editorial in The New York Times.

March 19: Constance Hale discussed “the sentence as a miniature narrative” at The Opinionator.

March 20: Claudia La Rocco tweeted her review of a very interesting-sounding performance by the Martha Graham Dance Company at the Joyce.

March 21: Laura Barnett talked with Wayne McGregor for The Guardian about dance and the internet.

March 22: Warrick Carter, president of Columbia College Chicago, probably had a long day.

March 23: My colleague at Time Out Chicago Jake Malooley compiled evidence of a “world-class city complex” among Mayor Rahm Emanuel and some of his associates. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, probably, dropped a new single.

March 24: Apollinaire Scherr profiled choreographer Alexei Ratmansky for the Financial Times. Luke Jennings of The Observer wrote about the Royal Ballet’s boarding school, White Lodge, triggering a volume of comment far exceeding what usually follows articles about dance (nothing).

March 25: Frank Rich argued that the Republican Party has “a serious problem with women.” A performance event called “Bond on Blonde” was held at MoMA’s PS1 outpost in Queens. Big Art Group later posted a wrap-up and photos; Time Out New York later published a slideshow.

March 26: Sindya N. Banhoo pointed out new research on kinesthetic response in dance viewers. Adam Parker provided an update on turmoil at Charleston Ballet Theatre for The Post and CourierDownton Arby’s happened and Outlook India published Arundhati Roy’s feature titled “Capitalism: A Ghost Story.”

March 27: Ramsin Canon blogged about “the domestic infection of empire.” It would’ve been Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s 126th birthday; The Guardian published Steve Rose’s summary of pendulum swings of opinion about the architect.

March 28: Claudia La Rocco hashed out Coda with its creator, Yve Laris Cohen. Ethan Zuckerman got me to link to one last thing about Mike Daisey. Deadline reported that Charlie Kaufman, whose skull protects one of my favorite minds, will publish a novel.

March 29: Sheri Candler asked the question, “Is trendy a dirty word in ballet?” Diablo Cody interviewed Sarah Silverman in the Red Band Trailer.

March 30: Roslyn Sulcas profiled Sylvie Guillem for The New York Times. Whet Moser blogged for Chicago magazine about dissing your boss on Facebook. Julie Klausner posted her How Was Your Week? interview with Sharon Needles.

March 31: Joffrey Ballet dancer Fabrice Calmels posted on Twitter a photo of rehearsal. I published at Time Out Chicago’s Unscripted blog my review of Mystical Bootcamp and Under the Roses.


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