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Salon NOTEBOOK: Grisha Coleman

Grisha Coleman, left, and a design concept for echo::system.

Salon NOTEBOOK: Grisha Coleman, February 28, 2010
by Zachary Whittenburg

Information pours forth from Grisha Coleman in discussion of her work at approximately the same rate it enters and is chewed up by her data-driven, multidisciplinary performance pieces. I struggled to keep pace with pen on paper as Coleman burned vocal rubber through a breakdown of parallel reality streams, diversions into aboriginal Australian practices, and explication of the lasting impact of being an Urban Bush Woman. Coleman is currently Professor of Movement, Computation and Digital Media in the School of Arts, Media and Engineering at Arizona State University, but it was quickly clear that points of entry to her research can be found all over the globe, at present in its deserts. Click here to read the entire article at


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