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Salon NOTEBOOK: Asimina Chremos

Salon NOTEBOOK: Asimina Chremos, December 14, 2009
by Zachary Whittenburg

Asimina Chremos. Photo by William Frederking.

With a soft welcome to her home and studio, Asimina Chremos kicked off the last CDF Salon of 2009. “Each one of us is the creator of our own life,” she reminded us, underlining the point by recounting her decision, inspired by a website about feng shui, to paint her front door green. In the space that attendees of the Salon series have come to know as an uncommonly homey venue, Chremos explained how her Wicker Park loft is a mirror not only of her goals as an artist and individual, but a space custom-designed to facilitate continuous growth precisely toward them. Click here to read the entire article at


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