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Salon NOTEBOOK: Raimund Hoghe

As I mentioned Friday, the Chicago Dancemakers Forum Salon Series just opened and I couldn’t be more excited about the honor of drawing up some thoughts and observations that will post on the CDF website after each. Salon NOTEBOOK is up and running as of today — read on!

Raimund Hoghe in 37, Avenue Georges Mandel. Photo by Rosa Frank.

Raimund Hoghe in "37, Avenue Georges Mandel." Photo by Rosa Frank.

Salon NOTEBOOK: Raimund Hoghe, September 14, 2009
by Zachary Whittenburg

“Look when there’s nothing to see,” Raimund Hoghe told a full house at Body, Space, Music, opening the 2009-10 CDF/Silverspace Salon series. “Listen when there’s nothing to hear.”

In an age of information overload Hoghe’s unforced simplicity stuns, but in discussion about his work he reveals himself to be the opposite of the Luddite one might expect. In soft, heavily-accented English, his introductions to a few short films and one live performance touched on everything from Peggy Lee and Pier Paolo Pasolini to his philosophies on dramaturgy and the nature of beauty. The Apple computer feeding projections was often throwing the image of a QuickTime control panel across his shirt; it seemed increasingly appropriate to see rewind, play and fast-forward icons right there on his torso. Definitely part of his persona and likely also his process, wide-ranging interests and a propensity for tangents generate surprisingly intimate dances and films. The performances he gives and directs induce introspection and a serene focus. Click here to read the entire article at


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