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Audition Saturday

Jonathan Meyer. Photo by Dan Merlo.

Jonathan Meyer. Photo by Dan Merlo.

Actor/dancers available for and interested in CDF Lab Artist Jonathan Meyer‘s new project, premiering September 10-13 and 16-19, should get in touch with Meyer (at) khecari (dot) org or call (312) 646-9548 for ensemble roles. Held this Saturday, July 11 from 3:30-7:30pm at Yoga Now’s Edgewater location,

Khecari is seeking 8-12 performers who will form a movement/vocal ensemble as part of The Waking Room, an evening-length work for three movement soloists and 8-channel live and recorded sound score.

Auditioners should have comfort and facility with their body and movement, vocalizing, and stage presence and character development. Auditioners need not have formal training in dance, singing, or acting. Selected ensemble members should be mature and comfortable using their bodies and voices, take direction well and demonstrate an openness to trying new ideas. For the final show, the ensemble will create a distinct presence in the audience, will migrate between audience space, musicians’ space, and the dance stage, and will perform sound and movement events.

Rehearsals will be on Saturdays from 3:30 to 6:30pm. You must be available for all rehearsals to be considered for this role. We expect to provide a small honorarium to selected performers.

Weekly rehearsals with choreographer Jonathan Meyer and composer Christopher Preissing will begin the week following the audition and continue through tech week. Tech/Performance Schedule includes the week of September 7 through September 20, 2009. Detailed Tech Schedule will be available at the audition.

The Waking Room arises from the gleaming gaps in the dark veil of consciousness which blankets pre-cognition. Using a process of somatic meditation, Khecari’s Jonathan Meyer has developed a movement palette generated by minute observation of and response to the process of perception. Lifting up the accidents and false starts otherwise lost to cognizance, this is an investigation of the physiological life and expression of the subconscious channels of sensory interpretation. Collaborator Christopher Preissing is using a parallel process of deconstructing recognized vocal and found sounds to create sonic cells; these are reconfigured and layered with live flute and vocal sounds in a multi-speaker score.


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