Posted by: trailerpilot | 05:20::2009

Field trippin’.

Dim Sum Dance in Feed the Guest. Photo by James Schroeder.

Dim Sum Dance in FEED THE GUEST. Photo by James Schroeder.

Taking suggestions for a killer start to your weekend? Well, this Thursday and Friday just so happens to bring a Fieldtrips Performance Marathon to the lurvely theater upstairs at Hamlin Park Field House. The lineups, both commencing at 7:30pm, will be:

May 21

  • Jessica Wright
  • Dim Sum Dance
  • Kris Larsen
  • Karla Beltchenko
  • Solo Movement Collective
  • Molly Jaeger
  • Antibody Dance

May 22

  • Jennifer Gage/GI Alliance
  • Innervation Dance Cooperative
  • Mary Sue Miller
  • Marianne Schaefer/Gillian Holoroyd
  • Katie Jean Dahlaw/Prairieland Movement Project

Boom! Tickets are $15; more information is at The Field Chicago website.


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