Posted by: trailerpilot | 05:20::2009

Coming Soon: OMFG (in 3D).

No stranger to cinematic collaboration having worked with, among others, writer/director Pedro Almodóvar on 2002’s Talk to Her, Ruhrgebiet choreographer Pina Bausch continues to demonstrate having the world’s coolest circle of friends, announcing yesterday she will be collaborating with celebrated filmmaker Wim Wenders on a 3D dance for camera beginning this fall.

If, like me, you love Bausch, film, Wenders, technology and dance cinema, you’re probably freaking out; the only drop that could possibly fall on this parade of great news is if a U.S. distribution fail relegates it to one weekend of showings in Manhattan. With the decent-enough selection of art-minded theaters in town, though, my guess is we Chicagoans won’t miss out—but let’s keep our fingers crossed anyway, shall we?



  1. […] was just last month she was making plans with Wim Wenders for a 3D dance film, and now word comes from Wuppertal that choreographer Pina Bausch has passed […]

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