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Monday, monday: So good to me.

DanceWorks Chicago, as usual, is making sure your week gets off on the right foot. Tonight’s another installment of their Dance Chance emerging artist lottery (if you’re unfamiliar, dip into the archives here), hosted by dancer/filmmaker/great guy Tobin Del Cuore and featuring works by Cecilia Ferguson-Bell, Jamie Salas and Karla Beltchenko. Remember: If you want to get in on a Chance yourself June 8, you have to attend tonight and drop your name in the fishbowl. Short, sweet and free, it’s from 6-7pm at Ruth Page. Furthermore, DWC has announced that, this fall, they’ll be producing a concert entitled Dance Chance: Redux, wherein all choreographers who have shown dances at the series will be eligible for inclusion in a showcase October 30 and 31 at Northeastern Illinois University. I’d be willing to bet showing up tonight will get you more information on that as well.

Andre Kasten and Ghrai Harrison of DanceWorks Chicago.

Andre Kasten and Ghrai Harrison of DanceWorks Chicago.

Tuesday, tuesday’s also good to you: DWC’s tremendously talented dancers are taking the same stage tomorrow night for a Dance Flight program. $10 for one act or $15 for two, the 6pm show features Miguel Perez’ Relaciónes (which you can preview here), Harrison McEldowney’s Blues for Ann, Tharp’s The One Hundreds and the boys in Robert Battle’s Etude, while the 7pm show finds the women dancing Etude, Brian Enos’ Beat in the Box and Alex Ketley’s If Ever (an Ocean) Relinquished. Good stuff.



  1. love Mama Cass in her mumuu with green boots

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