Posted by: trailerpilot | 04:22::2009

If Ever (A Composer) Selected.

Alex Ketley. Image source: The San Francisco Conservatory of Dance.

Alex Ketley. Image source: The San Francisco Conservatory of Dance.

DanceWorks Chicago‘s commission last year of Alex Ketley for new work yielded If Ever (an Ocean) Relinquished, a work they’ve presented since it’s November premiere as both an ensemble piece and a duet.

At that premiere a competition was announced to compose an original or collage score for the work (which, incidentally, is quite lovely) to be unveiled at the Ruth Page Dance Series at Northeastern Illinois University on April 25. Well, kids, that day is suddenly upon us and, as promised, DWC has chosen some new tunes. Drummer-and-more Frank Alongi of The Renegades and director of Latin jazz ensemble Caribe has been selected and the show will go on as scheduled, at NEIU‘s Auditorium (ticket info here). Also on the program will be Robert Battle’s signature solo Takademe, Harrison McEldowney’s Dance Sport, In Time by Gina Patterson, Miguel Perez’ new work (mentioned earlier here) and half of Twyla Tharp’s modular 1970 étude, The One Hundreds.

I won’t go into WordPress’ stoopid video-imbed limitations again, but you can watch a video of If Ever (an Ocean) Relinquished here.

(Just ’cause it’s gorgeous, here’s an earlier work by Ketley, Careless.)



  1. […] Etude, while the 7pm show finds the women dancing Etude, Brian Enos’ Beat in the Box and Alex Ketley’s If Ever (an Ocean) Relinquished. Good […]

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