Posted by: trailerpilot | 04:10::2009

Casing the joint.

Epiphany Episcopal Church.  Photo by the author.

Epiphany Episcopal Church. Photo by the author.

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but I’m currently working on a little dance number that will premiere May 1, 2 & 3 at the Church of the Epiphany on South Ashland. Last weekend, some of the other artists involved and I went down to check out the space, which I had had yet to see in person.  I instantly fell in love with it, got really excited about making a work for the room, and took a bunch of pictures.  Turns out I’ll be down there again even sooner than I thought:  April 19 at 6pm I’m going to attend and host a post-show discussion at the first installment of this year’s Epiphany Dance Experiment series.

Trust me, any excuse to sit in this incredible chamber is worth it, so be sure to hop on the 9 or the Green Line and support both the EDE and Mordine & Co. Dance Theater’s engagements there this month.  If we haven’t met, be sure to come on up and say hi.



  1. Right ON!!

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