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Ayako’s Epiphany.

Julia Rae Antonick

Julia Rae Antonick

Epiphany Episcopal Church is looking more and more like dance’s South Union Arts: May 1-3, Mordine & Company are presenting NEXT, an evening of new work by Julia Rae Antonick, Peter Carpenter and, ahem, myself, along with a collaboration between Hema Rajagopalan and Shirley Mordine and video by John Boesche; and just announced by Art Union Humanscape‘s Ayako Kato are six upcoming installments of the Epiphany Dance Experiment, which begin next month and fill out the calendar year.
Up first, on April 19, is an evening not afraid of the hall of mirrors that is the question “What are modern, contemporary and experimental dance?” At the same time those words mean less than ever in terms of an agreed-upon body of stylistic hallmarks and techniques, they’re burdened with describing an ever-expanding spectrum of work. Stepping up to the plate to shed some light on the subject (or at least acknowledge its complexity) will be

Future installments of the series will take place May 17, July 12, September 6, October 4 and November 1; over its course a whole kit and caboodle of folks will stop by, including JSun Howard, Isa Wiss, Melissa Simo, JulieAnn Graham, Marissa Perel, Angela Gronroos, Kristina Fluty, Clinard Dance Theater, Heather Hartley, Kato, and more. Check out the event blog for the latest on this lovely project–hell, bookmark it: You don’t want to miss anything, do you?

Melissa Simo.

Melissa Simo.



  1. […] I don’t know if you’ve heard, but I’m currently working on a little dance number that will premiere May 1, 2 & 3 at the Church of the Epiphany on South Ashland. Last weekend, some of the other artists involved and I went down to check out the space, which I had had yet to see in person.  I instantly fell in love with it, got really excited about making a work for the room, and took a bunch of pictures.  Turns out I’ll be down there again even sooner than I thought:  April 19 at 6pm I’m going to attend and host a post-show discussion at the first installment of this year’s Epiphany Dance Experiment series. […]

  2. […] I just learned about the Epiphany Epsicopal Church in Chicago and its role as a new dance venue in town. I’m really excited to see something like this happening in Chicago. That city has gone too […]

  3. […] Dim Sum Dance and performed by Rose, Wright, Benson and Jen Guglielmi. I had seen it before at the Epiphany Dance Experiment, but the darkness of Hamlin’s black box made it easier this time to focus in on its wealth of […]

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