Posted by: trailerpilot | 02:27::2009

Take the [You]Tube to Angel.

Photo courtesy Sadler's Wells Theatre

Photo courtesy Sadler's Wells Theatre

Still not convinced net-hosted dance events are the new black? Consider this: Stalwart London venue turned tastemaking presenter Sadler’s Wells is less than a week away from launching Global Dance Contest 2009, an open call to every living human being over the age of 18 to upload a dance video to YouTube, from which a panel including SW CEO Alistair Spalding, Arlene Phillips, Zenaida Yanowsky and Martin Creed will choose ten.

These ten–however they’re picked–will be invited to upload a second video five minutes “or more” in length and a single £2000 winner will be declared on November 18. The contest is folded tightly into the theater’s immensely popular Sadler’s Wells Sampled festival: The Global Dance Contest will be held for each of the next four years, its winners appearing on each of the following January’s Sampled programs with the last of the contests, it just so happens, coinciding with London’s Olympic Games.

Ready for international stardom (or, at the very least, a trip to the UK)?  The competition’s site,, goes live this Monday and will accept first-round entries until July 17.

Promo video for Sadler’s Wells Sampled after the jump.

Sadler’s Wells Sampled:


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