Posted by: trailerpilot | 01:16::2009

The biggest choreography project ever.

Holy cannoli: megaproject Move Out Loud already has sixty-some takers for their (pardon my gushing enthusiasm) totally awesome idea:

Move Out Loud is an internet platform where contemporary choreographers and dancers can upload a video of a solo dance, maximum 3 minutes long, starting with the last movement of the solo that the previous artist has uploaded. The result is a chain of movement, a world choreography that crosses frontiers, languages, cultures, religions and socio-economic differences.

You can watch each video individually here, chains of a few linked submissions here, browse by geographical location (um, what’s up North America?), or swing by their YouTube channel for all kinds of related goodness.  Additionally, “The Move Out Loud Project has the highest support of the Portuguese Republic Presidency.”  Video below is of solos 2-6.

Let’s put some pins on that map, shall we?




  1. What a wicked idea.

  2. this is cool.
    Why do I like mol#31 so much?!?!?
    Maybe they should somehow categorize the flicks?

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