Posted by: trailerpilot | 02:24::2009

Poonie’s or Rhoads? Ack!


It’s Le Choix de Sophie for you happ’nin kids out there come Monday the 2nd:  A killer Poonie’s Cabaret and a Silverspace Salon with Julia Rhoads on the same night!  Read on/dive into your existential crisis.

Like I’ve been saying for years, Jyl Fehrenkamp’s Poonie’s Cabarets rock the hizz.  The Poo Cab is gassed up and ready to burn rubber (in a totally environmentally-friendly way) into ’09 with its upcoming installment, which is positively engorged with talent.  Check the lineup:

  • Peter Carpenter
  • Julie Mayo/Dim Sum Dance
  • The Dance Team
  • Adam Rose as “Elena”
  • Columbia College Renegades
  • The Moving Architects
  • Matthew Hollis

Along with the fabulous Fehrenkamp herself (who will also perform), Ronald Reagan will be there, Elena is a goth drag queen (!), it costs five measly bucks, it’s for a good cause and somehow, when a week starts off with a Poonie’s Cabaret, nothing bad ever happens on the way to Friday.  Poonie’s:  Get some at 8pm at Link’s Hall.

Lucky Plush Productions mastermind Julia Rhoads is the next to take the (kinda comically small, I have to say) chair at Silverspace for this ongoing CDF Salon Series I keep hollering about.  Lucia Mauro packed the house, Marissa Perel blew my mind, and now Rhoads is set to further stoke the fires of fierceness with a discussion about her obsession de l’année:  Transferring the inescapable questions of sampling and appropriation in contemporary culture to the realm of dance performance.  Silverspace Salons are also 1) free, 2) feature a variety of super-tasty snacks and wine (especially if you bring something too) and 3) held in the wonderland that is Asimina Chremos’ live/work space.  It’s here from 7-9pm and don’t forget to RSVP.  

Which will you choose?  It’s impossible, isn’t it?  Either way, you’ll have an amazing and affordable Monday evening.  Commence consideration.




  1. […] Good news, danceaholics: You no longer have to freak out about tomorrow night–the Chicago Dancemakers Forum has just announced that the Silverspace Salon with Julia Rhoads […]

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