Posted by: trailerpilot | 02:24::2009

Back to you in the studio.

Amidst the onslaught of shows to attend and review these last few weeks, a lot of stuff has come across my desk* that hasn’t yet been filed.  Here’s one:

Atalee Judy of Breakbone fame is breaking out the Core Excavation Project for ’09, which includes a new Sundays class at Hamlin Park (a reasonable 11-12:30am for you party animals)–yesterday was the second class, and they will run until April 5.  The Core Conditioning Class for Intermediate and Advanced Dancers sounds like no joke; its description states

Class begins with isolation techniques honing on core muscles. Evolving from this centering state the class uses this movement to create cumulative phrases that stretch, strengthen, and inform the body. Other areas that will be investigated are: floor integration, deep lunge work, aeration from low places, grounded weight shifts and splendid release technique.

BAM.  It won’t go as far as her research around Bodyslam Technique, but it definitely ain’t no Gaga cakewalk.  More information on the series and its very friendly, very appreciated reasonable price is available here.

*which, in a land of dreams and bliss, is Herman Miller’s Airia


Airia desk by Herman Miller

Airia desk by Herman Miller



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