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Linkage | May 7–13, 2012

Here are the internets I found interesting during the past week, sorted by source and teased by pullquote:

From twitpic: “It was the first movie I acted in, if you don’t count being killed in the Kung-Fu movie ‘Ninja Turf.’ Love is more important than material possessions.” | From imgur via Reddit: “Man drills magnets into arm to mount ipod” | From Matt Richardson dot com: “Modern digital cameras capture gobs of parsable metadata about photos such as the camera’s settings, the location of the photo, the date, and time, but they don’t output any information about the content of the photo. The Descriptive Camera only outputs the metadata about the content.” | From The Atlantic Wire: “According to Germany’s Der SpiegelGerman police shot only 85 bullets in all of 2011.” | From hashtag battle dot com: #love vs. #hate | From Guerrilla Semiotics: “The main difference between this Berlin audience and, say, the Melbourne audience which might never walk out of a boring performance, but will check phones like nobody’s business, is not that one is rude and the other not…but that one engages, and the other disengages from the social, communal nature of the encounter.” | From WJXT-TV via MSNBC: “They feature a hoodie with crosshairs aimed at the chest. A bag of Skittles is tucked in the pocket and a hand is holding a can resembling iced tea.”

From The Guardian:

Gay rights in the US, state by state” | “We, as a city, are in the throes of a full on civil rights crisis.” | “One participant in the program said police got him ‘high as fuck.’

From Metro Weekly’s poliglot blog: “But, that is not [sic] the circumstances in which he makes these comments.” | From Mark Twain, via the hairpin: “I suppose there is nothing like it in heaven; and not likely to be, until we get there and show off.” | From the Kuwait Times: “Different professions have different tastes.” | From the Idaho Statesman: “Two days of record high temperatures and two days of record rainfall the same week in late April sent 26,000 cubic feet per second surging into the Boise River dam system.”

From YouTube:

“She appeared in Higglety Pigglety Pop! What am I saying? She appeared in every book I did.” | “Rare footage of Steven Spielberg directing his cast and crew on the set of Jurassic Park in 1992.” | “Alinea chefs prepare a new course comprised of 86 individual components.” | “Double Oh Double Oh” | “When you look down…and you look up, that is, for me anyway, the most important in dance.” | “Johan Kobborg on pointe!”

From KickstarterHe Said She Said That’s What She Said” | From The Daily Beast: “Are the banks too big to jail—or is Washington’s revolving door at [sic] to blame?” | From Bits of Freedom: “Digital rights movement Bits of Freedom calls upon other countries to follow the Dutch example.” | From Dance Spirit: “Those legs! That panache!” | From Gawker: “AJ and Nick are just play-fighting to get pageviews.” | From ArtsJournal blog Artopia: “Art critics never appear anywhere before noon.” | From The Week: “The classiest flash mob ever?”

From The New York Times:

“Houses that sold for $1 million before the crisis have been turned into grow houses, equipped with the high-intensity lights, water and air-filtering systems necessary to produce potent, high-quality marijuana.” | “It may just involve just a couple of mouse clicks, or maybe just one mouse click, but the point of that mouse click, a major point of that mouse click, is to inform others that you like whatever that means.” | “A chandelier hangs over the table, but it’s not turned onhis computer provides the only light.” | “The dual explosions forged a hellish landscape of incinerated corpses, burning vehicles and a billowing plume of smoke visible throughout Damascus.” | “What’s missing? The outrage.” | “For years, Anne and Miguel have struggled to understand their eldest son.” | “Dancers wore costumes designed by Rodarte’s Kate and Laura Mulleavy and Gilles Mendel of J. Mendel, with Swarovski earrings designed by Jamie Wolf.” | “He never screams at us. He never raises his voice. He makes you feel like you’re capable, and it’s like: Just do it. It’s not a big deal.” | “ ‘Amtrak tells me they have more delays here than anywhere else in the system.’ More delays than anywhere else in the Chicago areaNo, he explained. ‘In the entire United States.’ ” | “ ‘I am tir-ed, I am tir-ed,’ she chants in a sing-song, childlike rhythm.” | “If you live in the suburbs of Chicago, where I’m fromvampires go crazy and start feeding on squirrels.”

From Interchange Project: “How do you do great work if you’re always being interrupted?” | From GigaOM: “The format of a single device does not change the fundamental ecosystem underneath it, and this shiny tablet has taken media companies’ eyes off of the ball.” | From the Chicago Reader: “If only it were so simple.” | From A Good Day’s Work: “I started this project because while it is not considered to be among the most ‘beautiful’ of Chicago’s streets, Western Avenue is a perfect place to document the humanness of Chicago, the positive and the negative.” | From McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: Respectful Yo Mama Jokes.

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