Posted by: trailerpilot | 12:01::2009

Salon NOTEBOOK: Diego Piñón

Diego Piñón in "Eksua Itsi" at New York's Theater for the New City.

Salon NOTEBOOK: Diego Piñón, November 23, 2009
by Zachary Whittenburg

Perched excitably at the edge of his blue chair like a concert pianist tearing through the final seconds of Beethoven’s Pathétique, Diego Piñon alternated video of his work with passionate speeches about the nature and responsibility of art. This Mexico City-born Butoh performer and teacher’s engine idles where most redline, but as often as he’s tearing through space—with words or with movement—he leaves his shifter in neutral, in coiled stillness redolent of explosive power just a dropped clutch away. Click here to read the entire article at


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