Posted by: trailerpilot | 11:04::2009

Heaven on seven.

Eve Risser, 2008.

Pianist Eve Risser.

Whether genre-crossing blind dates or renewals of longstanding bonds, collaborative improvisations are all the rage in dance these days. Fine with me—in good hands, wild unpredictability and creative mischief make for shows as interesting as they aren’t fussy. A double duet floats up to Heaven Gallery Saturday, November 7, where Parisian prepared-piano pro Eve Risser will team with Philly violinist Katt Hernandez and Asimina Chremos will continue to mine the vein of sparkling inspiration she finds in the company of vocal wiz and fellow mover Carol Genetti. Part of the Wicker Park space’s PROTEST HEAVEN series, the show’s 10:00pm start and undeclared suggested entry fee don’t generate many reasons to say no.


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