Posted by: trailerpilot | 10:10::2009

collision_theory starts Monday!

Dan Mohr and Rachel Damon. Photo by Ryan Ward Thompson.

Dan Mohr and Rachel Damon. Photo by Ryan Ward Thompson.

Monthlies are big in Chicago, and with good reason: a habit of going out regularly for cheap fun with like-minded folks can, in the throes of winter on Lake Michigan, save one’s soul. Mirroring the crossing of disciplines in their company’s work, Synapse Arts Collective‘s Rachel Damon and Dan Mohr have paired up with Links Hall to pair up artists and musicians on second Mondays through June. October 12‘s début installment, at 7:30pm, matches Asimina Chremos‘ movement improvisations with Pillars & Tongues‘ musical ones. On deck for November 9 are Darrell Jones and Kirstie Simson with Pittsburgh’s Technical Drawings and, December 14, Jonathan Meyer and Julia Rae Antonick combine with Mohr’s band DRMWPN. If you’re on the Facebook, you can keep up with collision_theory news and lineups here.



  1. […] at Links Hall for the first collision_theory built some serious anticipation for the remainder of Rachel Damon and Dan Mohr’s monthly series. True to the rules, the three musicians and dancer did in fact not meet until this afternoon. […]

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