Posted by: trailerpilot | 08:20::2009

Weekend warriors.


Two unique and affordable events dropping this weekend to tell you about, folks: First, this Friday, 7:30pm at Voice of the City in Logan Square, The August Project/Quick Dances is upon us. Carleen Healy presents a quartet for herself, JulieAnn Graham, Elisa Foshay and Melissa Simo, and Asimina Chremos will contribute a solo improvised from within the bountiful riches of her imagination. I gather from the intriguing process-journaling on their blog that investigation of pre-choreographed vs. improvised dance is something of an engine for this get-together — you’re hereby encouraged to swing by.

On Saturday at 4:00pm — plenty early to make the free Chicago Dancing Festival finale afterward — the artists of Molly Shanahan‘s Quick and Dirty Performance Workshop will present the fruits of their quick and dirty labors in the third floor studio at the Berger Park Cultural Center. The list of performers (Christine Benson, Rachel Damon, Allison Fall, Ben Law, Amanda Lower, Jessie Marasa, MaryAnn McGovern and Liana Percoco) includes Mad Shak members as well as other great dancers from about town, and the performance will only run you a Lincoln. Hot stuff.


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