Posted by: trailerpilot | 08:18::2009

Out and proud.

Les Ballets Grandiva. Photo by Eduardo Patino.

Les Ballets Grandiva. Photo by Eduardo Patino.

Are you sitting down? I’m gay.

The Center on Halsted, gorgeous home to everything from About Face Theatre to community services galore to, uh, suddenly-not-so-cool Whole Foods perhaps unsurprisingly loves dance, too. How do I know? They have a program series called danceOUT of which there’s one remaining event this month (there were two, but Friday’s conversation with Les Ballets Grandiva has apparently and unfortunately been cancelled). Wednesday, August 26 at 7:00pm, the Center’s Hoover-Leppen Theatre welcomes River North Chicago Dance Company‘s AD Frank Chaves to moderate a conversation and stage rehearsal with his immensely-talented dancers. RSVP is requested, via email to culture (at) centeronhalsted (dot) org, or by telephone at (773) 661-0763; tickets are $10. Get out, and go.


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