Posted by: trailerpilot | 08:02::2009


Beyoncé meets Nacho Duato:

Looks like Barry Webster has put a dozen or so of these pop/dance mashups up. Head over to YouTube quick, though — some of them have already had the music scrubbed off per Google’s new copyright standards.

One more — Trisha Brown vs. Lady Gaga:



  1. oh. my. god. zac. too perfect. the lady brown mashup is particularly stirring.

  2. fantastic, thank you!

  3. Great! We just saw Tulsa Ballet perform this to the actual, beautiful music. Surprising how it works to Beyonce.

  4. Hi. I’m the creator of the videos you’re discussing. I just want to correct a mistake that was made on my part. My name is Barry Webster, not Renada Ward, I must of typed in the name of a friend by mistake.
    Thank you for watching the videos.

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