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Quicksilver Occasion Pieces

Carol Genetti, Asimina Chremos and Thomas Helton. Photo by yours truly.

Carol Genetti, Asimina Chremos and Thomas Helton. Photo by yours truly.

At the end of May I attended Quicksilver Occasion Pieces at Silverspace: Vocalist Carol Genetti, dancer Asimina Chremos and bassist Thomas Helton in various combinations and collaborative improvisation. Birds of a feather, the three each have a tremendous command of technique combined with a profoundly open investigative spirit. Genetti flew through an enormous range of sounds and textures, capable both of intricate runs of staccato grunts and pops like the fatigued labors of a rusted machine and stretches of sustained, honeyed tones; she and Chremos chased one another in mutual inspiration, each able to create instantly an unexpected but fitting complement to the other’s action. Helton performed a solo piece that laid haunted knocks and rubs of his bass’ body on top of the deep, rumbling ostinato of a midnight freight train, and the three concluded with a joint performance that found Chremos casting the net of her movement research around everyone: At one point, she and Genetti crawled on hands and knees together, pulling the realms of movement and sound — their joints knocking the wooden floor — into a single, undifferentiated expressive space. It was an evening as powerful as it was intimate.

Did you miss it? Well, Quicksilver is back August 8 for a second installment: Chremos and Genetti return — as a duo they’re called Echo Den — and Philadelphia dancer Nicole Bindler and percussionist Michael Zerang complete the bill. At 8:00pm in Silverspace’s new annex Outer Space (next door in the same building, 1474 North Milwaukee Avenue); a mere seven dollars is suggested for admission. RSVP via email to silverspacedance (at) gmail (dot) com.



  1. Zach

    Thanks for your awesome writing! I am wondering though, if you could put your name somewhere on the blog so it is easier to discern who is writing it. Either with a “by line” at the end or in small type on the top of the masthead. I did finally find your name in the “about trailerpilot” page, but in this world of quick gratifications it seemed that one might want to discern who the author is more instantly.

    carol genetti

  2. […] and strange music & dance series Quicksilver Occasion Pieces is back at Outer Space (next door to Silverspace); returning to the lineup are Asimina Chremos and […]

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