Posted by: trailerpilot | 07:22::2009

Next stop, dreamland.

dreamland station flyer web
The above flier pretty much covers it: The Impending Behavior Orchestra is back at Prop Thtr this Saturday for an evening-length structured improvisation featuring seven inimitable performers:

  • Barry Bennett, IBO Artistic Director
  • Kristin Reeves, founding member (giving her last live Chicago performance for awhile as she’s headed to the University of Florida)
  • Atalee Judy, Artistic Director of Breakbone DanceCo. and musician
  • Mindy Meyers, of Breakbone and CBDC
  • Ryan Schultz, musician
  • Kristina Fluty, of Molly Shanahan/Mad Shak
  • & Tracee Westmoreland, founding member with Bennett of MiLkBabY, in town from Bruxelles



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