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Larry Long in critical condition.

I don’t know the details but it appears legendary teacher and longtime pillar of the Chicago dance community Larry Long has been in some kind of accident. Just in via Claire Bataille on Facebook:

Larry Long is in critical but stable condition at the Trauma Center ICU at Cook County Hospital. One broken leg, 3 broken ribs, some broken bones in his face, they are monitoring for internal bleeding (I think) but feel optimistic he will pull through. Of course he will. He’s Mr. Long. I’ll update if I hear anything and any of you out there please do the same so we can keep our community in the loop.

Will try to post more details as they come through. Meantime, trailerpilot wishes Mr. Long a swift and full recovery.



  1. Larry is my great-uncle, and brother to my grandfather, who has since passed. We are terribly worried and saddened by this news. We are optimistic though, he is a tough old bird. We know that Larry will do what he can to push through this, just as he has everything else in life. I am thankful that the community is there for him, your concern for his well being means a lot to us. I look forward to seeing all of you on my next trip out that way!

    Dani Maxon.

  2. Larry is my uncle. Since my father passed (Larrys brother), Larry is our family’s last link with that side of the Long family. I am praying that he makes it through this time and that we can share some more times with him. We love him very much and Thank all of you for keeping him and Delores in your thoughts and prayers.

  3. Larry is also my great-uncle. Living only an hour or so from him, I am the closest relative to his side of the family. His wife Delores and I along with co-workers and friends have been checking in on him regularly, and while he is not making any regressive steps, he seems to not be making many progressive ones either. He has a very long road ahead, and hopefully he’ll pull through. He’s a man whom has touched many lives, both of family, friends, and total strangers. His lifelong career has been what many could only dream of. He’s a tough cookie, and I hope he recovers and I can get to know more about him. Just keep up the good thoughts, prayers, etc. He really needs them right now.

  4. Thank you all for leaving your thoughts. I know myself and the entire community here are wishing him and your families all the best.

    • I was extremely fortunate to study with Larry Long for a brief time in the late 80’s at Ruth Page and to work for him in the Ruth Page production of The Nutcracker. I eventually began to teach and can honestly say that I thought of Larry every day I taught and most days I didn’t. His endless energy and enthusiasm and great knowledge and gentle, yet pointed honesty were invaluable to me as a dancer and eventually a director of my own school. His is a great, great loss and the world and especially the ballet world is a little dimmer without him.

      Go with God, Larry.

  5. I am Marti, Larry’s neice. Mom to Jennifer and Dani. I talked to Jenni yesterday who has been going to the hospital to see Larry and our Aunt Delores. I understand that they will be doing a test this week to determine if there is brain activity. He was taken off the seditives and hasn’t awakened as of yet. We are all very concerned for his well being and athat of Aunt Dee. We appreciate all your prayers and kind thoughts at this difficult time.

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  7. My best wishes for a speedy recovery for Larry and lots of strength and courage for Delores. I love them both very much and have worked with
    them for years. Much love is going their way.


  8. Larry and Delores are two of the most wonderful people that exist. If not for them my life would be totally different. My prayers and thoughts are with Delores. It seems God must have needed Larry’s help in Heaven.

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  10. Two years ago I returned to Chicago to attend the wedding of Pavel Gurevich and Jessica Kreyer. Thank God I was placed at the table next to Larry and Delores. I had an entire evening to catch up on days gone by and introduce my husband to the two most influencial people who shaped my life and career. I could sense they were proud of my accomplishments and I felt they knew they were responsible. When I am teaching my students petite allegro (often marking) I often think of Larry’s beautifully executed steps when he was in his 50’s. I am so glad I had the opportunity to tell him this. Once when they were setting a piece of choreography on me, Larry said I was hugging myself all wrong and he went over to Delores and gave her a loving warm hug and she giggled like a teenager. I have thought about that moment many times over the years. Today my husband and I celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary and this will be the saddest one to date. I only hope and pray Delores will know how much she is loved by all who have had the privilege to know them both. There will never be another Larry Long. He was great beyond words. HE KNEW HOW TO MAKE A DANCER! What a tremendous loss to the dance community and to all who knew him. He was loved by all.

  11. As Larry’s great-neice, I want to thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. For those who are not aware, the decision was made to let him go. It is not an easy decision, but it it was his decision if something like this ever happened. He lived his life full of exhuberance and joy. My own car accident back in 2001 has erased many things, but I remember the first time I saw him, at my grandparent’s house, his brother’s place. I was terribly shy. I had made cupcakes though, and the recipe was his mother’s, so for some reason, that seemed to bridge the gap. How odd that a little memory like that stuck.

    The last time I saw him was in 2006, at Christmas. It was the first, and sadly the last, time my son met him. My son is very close to family members, a very sensitive child, and fiercely protective. The news of this makes him quite sad. Just that one meeting, and he was very drawn to them. He has decided he wants to take Irish tap. He says, Larry would like it. While this was something he wanted to do before Larry’s passing, he feels that this is something that Larry will look upon him, and smile for…and maybe guide him.

    We are glad that he was able to touch so many, to form so many lives, to create the art that he did. He was one that will never be again. I’m not sure that we would want to replace him. No one could ever be the same.

    Best wishes and luck bestowed upon all.

    Dani Maxon.

  12. I just learned of Larry’s passing while playing for a class this morning. My heart is very saddened as I know that he was (and will continue to be) a pillar in the dance community. Upon my arrival in Chicago 2 years ago, it was Larry and Dolores who offered me the opportunity to play exclusively for their classes at the Ruth Page Center.

    Throughout the course of that year, I had many an opportunity to sit down with them in their office during breaks between classes to discuss everything under the sun from music, art, history and politics. Larry and I often talked about music and performers and the mark and legacy they left on the world. We’d often share with each other the latest book we were reading or the latest piece of music we had just listened to.

    While he was the consumate artist and took his art very seriously, he had an incredible sense of humor. Often times that humor came out during a class he was teaching. He truly was one of the most engaging teachers I’ve ever had the opportunity to play for and I’m certainly grateful that he gave me the opportunity to play for him. Larry has truly left his mark on this world and those of us who were fortunate enough to work with him, learn from him and know him are better because of it.

    Thank you Larry for sharing your life and your art with the world. You will be truly missed, longed for, but never forgotten!!!

    Ty Boyle

  13. I am so sad to hear the news of Larry’s passing. He inspired me to truly love dance. All my best to Dolores. Larry will truly be missed.

    Lisa Householder Fogarty

  14. Words cannot express how much joy Mr. Long has brought into my life. Although not a dancer, he made me feel like one and I spent many happy hours dancing in his classes. I had hoped to see him again but I will always remember the things he taught me and I hope that his legacy will continue through his students, who were his happiness. My sympathies to his family. God bless you, Mr. Long.

  15. My heartfelt sympathy to Dolores. With endless gratitude to you and Larry. His influence is certainly in each ballet class I teach. Linda Jenkins and I just taught an intensive together inspired by our fond memories of Larry. Much Love, Ruby Aver

  16. I took class with Larry and DeeDee at Stone-Camryn in some of Ruth Page’s best years and danced in the first and second years of Nuts. Beautiful lines, clear footwork and generous partnering plus a sense of humor set his dancing and studio manner apart. My mother and father knew them both as down-to-earth, passionate yet open and caring people. The last time I saw them was 4 years ago at Kittie’s 90th birthday. They were full of wonderful stories and pride for the youth company that had just completed its spring season. Larry was a great teacher who, with Dolores’s gorgeous technique and amazing performanced inspired my own teaching process at Texas Woman’s University. Reading of his terrible injuries and death while here in Chicago visiting my mom brought great sadness to my life. His students, in Texas, immediately called the Dance Council of North Texas where it was put on our website. His influence and that of Dolores’s is felt far and wide.
    AWith deep respect and love for Dolores and Larry
    Janice, from another time

  17. Mr. Long was an amazing teacher. He taught me for about a month two years ago. He placed me in his school’s highest level, and told me he believed in me when I knew few others did. His teaching was kind but firm, and I’ll always remember his beautiful combinations and even more beautiful personality

  18. Larry was my childhood friend and partner in LA. We were taught the no hands fish dive by Paul Petroff, when we both were studying there in the 1950’s. We have been in touch every 20 years or so, since then. Although I new nothing about the accident, or his death, when it happened, it is a devastating loss to everyone. I am saddened that I did not get to have my 20 year catch up time. I will remember, and think about him, often, especially when I look at pictures of us, from the 1950’s.
    With an aching heart, and with sympathy for Dolores

  19. I danced with Ruth Page’s Chicago Opera Ballet and International Ballet in the 1960s. Larry was a gifted teacher and ballet master. His wife. Dolores, an exciting ballerina whom I take my hat off to. i just, today, found about Larry’s passing. It always hurts when someone from your past, whom you respected, leaves us. Dancing with the Ruth Page ballet companies was one of the highlights of my life. I love you Dolly and even though he could be a tyrant at times, I loved Larry too. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Judith Thelen

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