Posted by: trailerpilot | 07:09::2009

Fall for the beach.

Montrose Harbor and Beach.

Montrose Harbor and Beach.

It may already be closed by the time you read this — she’s pretty close to finding her fifteen — but it’s worth mentioning that dance filmmaker Nadia Oussenko is calling upon the performance community to be a part of her CDF-sponsored bit of cinema, On Falling…

Tomorrow, July 9, on “a hill near Montrose Beach” (I believe there’s only one) from 3:30-7:30pm, Oussenko will be asking those participating to “roll down a hill, learn and perform simple choreography, and improvise.” The shoot includes snacks and water for the talent, but this ain’t a party you can just crash: email Rachel Damon at tech (dot) damon (at) gmail (dot) com to inquire about openings and get yourself some further details. The weather should be damn near perfect — if I weren’t otherwise engaged I’d be there in a heartbeat, so go have some fun for me and tell Nadia I said hello.


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