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The A.W.A.R.D. Show! Opening Night

The Humans. Photo by Carl Wiedemann.

The Humans. Photo by Carl Wiedemann.

Opening the first of four nights of Chicago’s inaugural A.W.A.R.D. Show! grant competition, Columbia College Dance Department Chair Bonnie Brooks succinctly termed it a “grand experiment in dance democracy.” Taking a necessary moment to explain the program’s history (it’s a Boeing-funded transplant of a successful New York venture in its third year) and acronymous title (Audiences With Artists Responding to Dance), Brooks welcomed the full house with an invitation to vote our consciences not just upon what we saw, but what we felt could be achieved with a $10,000 cash injection. Click here to read the entire article at



  1. Hi Zachary
    Thank You for the review. just wanted to point out a small correction, you mentioned somewhere that I used “Baratanatyam”.. I am not a Baratanatyam trained dancer.. My Indian classical dance training is in Kathak- a North Indian form , VERY different from the southern form Baratanatyam.
    Kathak gave birth to Flamenco, if that helps at all in understanding the style..
    There are lot of youtube clips in Kathak. Sadly Kathak is not as popular as the South Indian form Baratanatyam.
    Also Kathak is lot more open to experimentation and its rules are less rigid than Baratanatyam: this is my understanding and eprsonal feela fter learning Baratanatyam for 8 + years and then switching to Kathak 9which I’ve been practicing for 12 yrs now)


  2. Thanks for the clarification Archana — I don’t remember where but I read online something on you that lists Bharatanatyam as one of your techniques. I will update this review to refer to your comment.



  3. Thanks Zac!
    Yes, I did learn the technique of Baratanatyam for about 8 years and moved on to kathak. All my work pretty much uses movt vocabulary and aesthetics of Kathak; almost no Baratanatyam combined with my exposure to modern dance, Butoh and physical theatre.
    So I may offer correct info about myself and the work, I felt the need to post this.

    Thanks once again for the quick response!


  4. Ah, okay — that explains it.

    Well I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work — please keep me posted!

  5. I perform at Dance Bridge , Aug 6th 2009, at 6:30PM
    I am developing a new solo , so this showing is informal work-in-progress and improv based. I share the evening with Nichole Gifford
    I would love if you can make it and offer your feedback and thoughts as I continue developing this work..


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