Posted by: trailerpilot | 06:19::2009

R.I.P. Lady Bunny.



I had the misfortune tonight of suffering through an interminable set of woman-hating, xenophobic non-jokes and willful ignorance by Lady Bunny, née Jon Ingle, at Lakeview nightclub Berlin. The real casualty of Ingle’s routine — and I mean routine — was the soon-to-be-released documentary Fish Out of Water, which Ingle’s appearance ostensibly benefitted despite his fundamental contradiction of anything remotely aligned with filmmaker Ky Dickens‘ sincere approach to the hot-button issue of gay marriage.

Without delving into Ingle’s warmed-over Michael Jackson pedophilia jokes from a decade ago (not kidding) or his act’s leitmotif of the presumed horrors of lesbianism and female genitalia, I’ll instead call attention to the fact that Ingle is apparently horrified by female-to-male transgendered persons despite the obvious irony. A drag queen whose time has come and long gone, throwing stones in a glass house with all the windows shut, has no business demanding respect from Chicago merely for being associated with the New York City of a generation ago; hell, I wouldn’t have given him the time of day were it February in Fargo and he was selling me a parka.

That all said, if you’re in Los Angeles this summer and give a whit about progressive queer politics, by all means attend the Fish Out of Water premiere July 18 at the Fairfax Regency Cinemas, part of the 27th annual gay and lesbian film festival Outfest.



  1. well said. what i was able to stomach was tragic and vile. so glad i left.

  2. This is spot on. You gave words to what I was feeling. I’m glad I left in the middle of this atrocity!

  3. tell it like it is, Zac. The emperor has no clothes, even the New York emperor

  4. Thanks for letting me know what I didn’t miss. Sounds like Lady Bunny and FOOW were a terrible pairing. Too bad. Hope Ky and crew got some $$$$ out of it, at least.

    • They did, a good amount I think. It’s the silver lining for sure.

  5. i thought it was terribly funny. i mean i was in stitches a couple times. i guess i just picked up on the sarcasm

    • This post has nothing to do with whether or not I comprehend sarcasm.

  6. i was there as well and i’m pretty sure trailerpilot is completely off base with this i was not offended and i enjoyed the comedian.

    • Nope. Trailerpilot is spot on re this boondoggle.

  7. this is awkward

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