Posted by: trailerpilot | 06:11::2009

Elena’s got spirit.

It’s cheerleading. It’s butoh. It’s Cheer-toh.

(Thanks to Julia Rhoads for sending this in)


  1. I… don’t even know how I feel about this. Somewhere in between horror and amusement… lol

  2. I wonder when dance will ever be confident enough again to decide creating beauty isn’t selling out.

  3. Thanks for your comments!

    I think it’s important, Danine, to keep an artist’s intentions in mind when assessing their work. “Beauty” is in fact a very subjective term, although I think I know what you mean in this case. For this video, what Rose is doing isn’t likely the result of a choice between “realness” and “beauty.” I think he’s made exactly what he’s intended to make, and your response is a part of the dialogue it invites.

  4. I’d like all to know that the performer was responding to an assignment from Julia Rhoads of Lucky Plush Productions. The assignment was to combine Cheerleading and Butoh, thereby making a hybrid called Cheer-toh.

    In my opinion, Butoh is concerned with truths that discreate our staid notions of prettiness to reveal the terrifying power of life and death, while Cheerleading is more or less an abomination altogether. Therefore I appreciate Rose’s interpretation very much.

    I could say more about how I feel the video edits cut the logic of the movement evolution, but I won’t.

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  6. Thank you for your insights. I think I was feeling exhausted by a steady stream of what you call “realness” and left feeling out of balance and needing some “beauty” as I define it. NDT gave that to me!

  7. Could you pls somehow pass this on to the makers of Cheer Toh:

    Fucking great. Where have you cheer-tohs been all my life. had somewhat recently made a goth drag cheerleader piece called Rong. I think we might have been separated at birth..
    Miss you already, love you,
    Bill Forsythe

    • Have forwarded your comments to Adam Rose.

      Thanks for visiting!

      Cheer s,


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