Posted by: trailerpilot | 05:18::2009

Please hold.

What a weekend: Caught dress rehearsal for Searching for SuperGirl Thursday, The Moving Architects’ Stops on the Line Friday, saw the AIC’s new Modern Wing and two works by Hubbard Street and heard Teddy‘s kickass Orientale Saturday, and spent this morning and afternoon reviewing the first showings of eight works in progress at Thodos Dance Chicago, washed down by the surprisingly-engaging futbol flick Rudo y Cursi (which, I’ll admit, I walked into solely for the opportunity to gaze upon the face of Gael Garcia Bernal).

Reviews, impressions, blather and musing to follow in the coming days. In the meantime, enjoy the following two items: Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley and Italian architect Renzo Piano photographed by yours truly, and Carlton Banks imploring tweens circa 1985 to bug their parents to buy them a book that will teach them how to King Tut.



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