Posted by: trailerpilot | 05:03::2009

For my peeps up in Montréal.

Well, well: A gorgeous dedicated website and little bird have made me aware of yet another reason I pine for Ville-Marie: Marie Chouinard, whose company was just here, has apparently not performed in 20 years (news to me, that). At the end of this month, she’s throwing open the doors to her studio and inviting the (well-heeled) public in for a series of three solo presentations entitled Gloires du matin (morning glories) which, appropriately enough, will be held at 8am.

The press release states:

The morning glory (Ipomea) is a plant native to America, a climbing weed whose flowers open in the morning and live only a day, but it produces new flowers each day all summer long. Its seeds, if ingested in large quantities, produce hallucinogenic effects comparable to those of LSD.

Each fifty-minute piece will be slightly different and possess a unique code, MC200905270800, MC200905280800 and MC200905290800. The original music is by Louis Dufort, the costumes by Liz Vandal, and make-up by Jacques-Lee Pelletier, who have all worked with Marie for over ten years. The three performances will be followed by an informal meeting with Marie Chouinard over a cup of green tea.

This event is part of a fund-raising campaign, and receipts will be issued for income tax purposes. Seating for each morning’s performance is limited to one hundred.

On May 27, the morning of the grande première, a mimosa will be served before the performance. Doors open at 7:30am.

Needless to say, if you can go, go. Opening morning tickets are $250, while May 28 and 29 are $125.



  1. […] du matin. Remember that first-time-in-two-decades solo performance by Marie Chouinard I was telling you about? Well, the second of its three showings was this morning. Radio-Canada has a nice piece and short […]

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