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The Moving Architects.

The Moving Architects.

And the sharing of experience-bred know-how soldiers on: Link’s Hall is the place to be for movement classes and advanced study this spring.

  • Three Mondays in May4, 11 & 18The Moving Architects‘ Erin Carlisle Norton continues offering her company class to the advanced/professional community. Held from 6:30-8pm, Norton’s clean modern technique is influenced by Bartenieff Fundamentals, Laban Space and Effort Studies, postmodern techniques, and improvisation. $12 per lesson; register here.
  • Mad skills from across the pond are coming your way courtesy Sheffield-based Forced Entertainment, Tuesday May 5 from 10am-4pm. Of particular relevance to performers/creators integrating text into their work (which includes just about everyone these days), Cathy Naden‘s workshop draws on “the creative limits of rules and game structures,” addresses improvisational text and speech, dissects relationship between process and product, and refines your understanding of what it means to be in front of an audience. It’s $70 for the all-day session; register here.
  • Last but not least, Cupola Bobber (who I adore) are caring and sharing Saturday May 9 from 12-4:30pm with a workshop exploring “non-linear collaborative performance devising strategies focused on generating dynamic intersections of meaning in abstracted text and image.” It would sound like only so much blather except, having seen their work, I can attest that that’s a perfect description of their area of expertise. “Ways to discover inspiration and how to define a co-equal performance with varied collaborators” are included as well. $40; register here.

A little further down the pike (but here before you know it) is Same Planet Different World‘s company class series at Visceral. June 3 to July 24, SPDW AD Joanna Rosenthal will be leading Intermediate/Advanced Modern class Wednesdays 12:30-2pm and Fridays 10-11:30am. Classes are $14 per but you can save a boatload by buying 10 at a time for $9 each. Rosenthal will kick your ass and you’ll love her for it. More info on these and other classes at Visceral’s lovely facilities here.


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