Posted by: trailerpilot | 04:28::2009

Something for everyone.

Like mid-century ballet masterpieces? Ballet Chicago has a spring mixed bill coming up that includes Balanchine’s Rubies. Staged for The Balanchine Trust by Sandra Jennings, the 1967, erm, gem (one of three parts of the evening-length Jewels) hasn’t been seen in Chicago since 1993.

The same weekend, on Sunday, May 17, the Epiphany Dance Experiment is holding a new-works showing (talkbacks with the artists will be interspersed throughout the performance) that has some fascinating-sounding stuff on the bill:

  • Choreographer Janet Schmid, composer Steve Jarvis and film maker Ania Greiner will present Craptastic, based on “casual violence in sports and graceful recovery from wipe outs.”
  • Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting, an ensemble of movers and musicians, will show a series of “scores” based on ideas of support, landscapes, and looping born out of weekly collaborations.
  • Melissa Simo has a new work on tap exploring repetition and how it affects a deeper state of consciousness and experience entitled Entering, Exiting.
  • Andalbeitwellhahaha by J’Sun Howard promises an honest experience free of imposition developed through radical intuition.
  • Green Cross (vocalist Isa Wiss and dancers Asimina Chremos and Ayako Kato) explores with Movo-ment the cross-pollination of movement and voice.
Isa Wiss. Photo by Katrin Haunreiter.

Isa Wiss. Photo by Katrin Haunreiter.

The evening, called Simply Showing, takes place at the Epiphany Episcopal Church at 6pm—it’s 12 suggested bucks for regular folk, 10 suggested bucks for students and seniors.


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