Posted by: trailerpilot | 04:16::2009

Ninety. As in NINE-ZERO.

Merce Cunningham in Antic Meet, 1958. Photo by Richard Rutledge.

Merce Cunningham in Antic Meet, 1958. Photo by Richard Rutledge.

Choreographic pioneer, collaborator extraordinaire and hero to Parisians Merce Cunningham crawled out of his broken mold ninety years ago today.  Who knows how he does it, but he’s still making work, still considered avant-garde, drawing funny birds and hanging out with Radiohead, not to mention heading one of the world’s most venerable institutions of modern dance.  One of the greatest moments of my life was interviewing him for Time Out Chicago about a year and a half ago.  Our conversation ran over an hour and was utterly fascinating; unfortunately, however, my contract for the piece prohibits me from posting it here (although if you’re really interested, it never hurts to ask).

So today, in his honor, flip a coin, draw straws, do whatever you like, but please:  Make at least one decision entirely by chance.  Cheers, Merce!



  1. Nice post.

  2. Thanks!

  3. I had the pleasure of reading your interview and was facinated by it. I hope more get that opportunity.

  4. […] I’m not at the MCA I’ll be at the Dance Center; its season also opens in October, with recent birthday boy Merce Cunningham’s company performing up-close and in person there rather than at the Harris. In one of my […]

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