Posted by: trailerpilot | 04:11::2009

April 25 & April 27 are like whoa.

A couple of weeks from now, you won’t be able to keep from learning something about movement even if you try:

April 25

  • Realness gurus Avital Furlager, MA, DTR, and Jeannine Salemi, GLCMA bring their expertise to you from 9:30am-12:30pm at Link’s Hall for a beginner course and introduction to Authentic Movement. Cost is $40; more info and registration can be had via email to Furlager, at favitali (at) hotmail (dot) com, or by calling (847) 942-5531.
  • Dim Sum Dance will be holding an audition from 4:30-6:30pm at Silverspace; the inimitable Julie Mayo is looking for performers comfortable with moving and vocalizing for the creation and performance of new work for presentation September 17-19, 2009. Commitment is twice-weekly rehearsals beginning in May, including at least one weekday morning or afternoon; make your interest known by emailing Julie at julie (at) dimsumdance (dot) org.
  • Hedwig Dances hosts an Integrating Movement and Video workshop from 11am-5pm at the dance studio at the Chicago Cultural Center.  The all-day affair (which repeats Sunday, April 26) begins with a modern class that “focuses on performing movement with clarity and articulation while applying principles of dynamic alignment, breath flow and the body’s use of gravity.”  Participants will learn excerpts from Hedwig Dances’ current repertoire with particular emphasis on developing partnering skills and, finally, explore movement improvisation and compose studies that integrate video with dance.  Fee is $160 (knocked down to $125 with registration by April 15).

April 27

  • Get your vogue on with Mauren Sledge, Biscuit Avant Garde, and the School of Opulence as part of Link’s Hall’s Move on Mondays series.  From 7-9pm, the free workshop will explore traditional and current forms of vogueing in relation to modern and contemporary movement, with a special focus on everyone’s favorite pastime, gender-bending. Let’s get some next-gen Willi Ninjas up in this town, shall we?  RSVP (required) here.
  • Having already attacked the Red Line, Ncounter moves to the Blue for its next installment, a descent en masse to O’Hare International Airport for some on-site improvisational action from 6-8pm. Putting this episode together are DanceWorks Chicago’s Marc Macaranas and no-stranger-to-instigating-impromptu-public-dancing Portable Dancer Szewai Lee. Stated is the intent “to explore the relationship of comings and goings, and the anxiety and release of goodbyes and hellos in human interaction; to make visceral what people feel on the inside when they make a trip to the airport.” Word.
  • April 25 is also the deadline for submissions for Insight Arts’ Thinking in Time:  Cross-Generational Reflections on Change.  More info on the Rogers Park (holla) -based outfit can be found here.

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