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Musical chairs.

Eduardo Vilaro.

Eduardo Vilaro.

Even in light of the craziness that has been the last few months, I never would’ve seen this one coming: Four days after kicking off the tenth anniversary of the company he founded, Luna Negra Dance Theater AD Eduardo Vilaro has announced that he will be moving to New York to direct Ballet Hispanico beginning August 1.  He will succeed that company’s founder, Tina Ramirez, who is stepping down after a mind-boggling 38-year reign.

Despite the unexpectedness of Vilaro’s departure–Luna has risen meteorically since its inception, just this past weekend awarded a “Hopie” ($25,000 and a giant hunk of Lucite from the Lester and Hope Abelson Fund for the Performing Arts)–it makes a ton of sense from BH’s perspective. Vilaro danced with the company for a decade before moving to Chicago in 1996, and has shown himself more than able as an enthusiastic, approachable administrator.

Michelle Manzanales.  Photo by Eric Young Smith.

Michelle Manzanales. Photo by Eric Young Smith.

But where does that leave our compañía de danza más caliente? Luna’s board is promising an “international search” for Vilaro’s replacement to last through the remainder of this year; the company’s current Rehearsal Director and choreographer Michelle Manzanales will serve as AD in the interim (Vilaro brought Manzanales onstage to speak during Saturday’s performance–it’s clearer now why).

To recap, that’s five administrators who have all made big moving announcements since January. Who’s next?



  1. Whoa! Who’s next indeed?

  2. […] the search for Luna Negra’s next AD goes on, July 13 will be the first day of work for Joanna Naftali as the company’s Executive […]

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