Posted by: trailerpilot | 03:26::2009

A couple of bobbers.

Stephen Fiehn and Tyler B. Myers.  Photo by Jennifer Korff.

Stephen Fiehn and Tyler B. Myers. Photo by Jennifer Korff.

Performance duo Cupola Bobber are getting set to hit up Link’s Hall for two weekends next month with their latest work, Way Out West, the Sea Whispered Me. Name-checking both Gilbert & George and Laurel and Hardy in their announcement, WOW, TSWM promises not to flinch at all the world’s oceans are capable of, both positive (waves at sunset picturesquely lapping at a beach’s lonely sands) and, well, negative.

Watch these fellas do their thing April 17/18/19 and 24/25/26 at the lovely, legendary Link’s–get your tickets here.  Not only that, but on April 23 they’re throwing a satellite event at the equally lovely and legendary Hideout: It’s free, it’s at 6:00pm, and will launch a “reading companion” to WOW, TSWM (I’m thinking it’s either a book or a little gnome with permanently-moist fingertips and a headlamp) along with some presentations in formats varied and unnamed. Mysterious!


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