Posted by: trailerpilot | 03:12::2009

OMAptimus Prime.

As the primary topics I cover here at trailerpilot are movement and architecture, it’s only perfect that I’ve come across one of a scant few things that could truly combine the two.

Visionary architect/personal hero/underrated comedian Rem Koolhaas has a long-standing relationship with Milan fashion house Prada, having designed multiple stores for the brand as well as being involved in ongoing projects with its for-arts-sake design wing Fondazione Prada. The latter has allowed his firm, OMA, to realize a gek-maar-briljant concept: A giant truncated tetrahedron that can be adjusted by crane to sit on any of its four faces; choosing a face both determines the pavilion’s shape and the sorts of activities to which it’s suited.

Prada Transformer by OMA, Seoul.

Prada Transformer by OMA, Seoul.

Rather than summarize and condense the volumes of blog chatter this structure has generated, I’ll just point you to a few of the more comprehensive posts about it–dig in.

Goofiness after the jump.

I had this toy as a kid.

Rem Koolhaas.



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