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You were only waiting for this moment to arise, New York.


New Yorkers don’t always get the good stuff first:  Back in 2007 when I previewed Molly Shanahan’s My Name is a Blackbird I wrote of its process bringing about “an exciting reorganization of Shanahan’s trademark organicism.”  Since that first run at The Building Stage I’ve joined Molly Shanahan/Mad Shak as a collaborator and Blackbird has reappeared in numerous iterations and venues.  This April 9-11, Blackbird makes its New York premiere at Joyce SoHo as part of the theater’s INBOUND Festival.

Responsive to conditions in performance both concrete and abstract, Shanahan dances in Blackbird within environments by three composers (Andrew Bird, David Pavkovic and Mark Booth) and lighting by Josh Weckesser; Feldenkrais practitioner Kathleen Aharoni and dramaturg Leslie Buxbaum Danzig, along with a host of other collaborators, inform Shanahan’s work from outside the performance space.

While some of our larger arts organizations are prone to the occasional NYC appearance, this is a unique opportunity for New Yorkers to view the more adventurous and challenging dance work being created here in Chicago. If you live in the city, or have plans to be there in April, don’t miss it.

Molly Shanahan/Mad Shak
Venue and ticketing information
Joyce SoHo
My Name is a Blackbird at Joyce SoHo on Facebook
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Mercer Street, SoHo, New York

Mercer Street, SoHo, New York



  1. Thanks for the recommendation!
    It’s always great to know which out-of-towners to keep and eye out for – i’m excited to go check it out!

  2. […] case you missed it the first time, Molly Shanahan is reviving her solo work My Name is a Blackbird this weekend at New York’s […]

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