Posted by: trailerpilot | 02:14::2009

I Love-Love Fridays.

Volley 2 by Jeffrey Kalmikoff

Volley 2 by Jeffrey Kalmikoff

Partway into its second season I got into Coudal PartnersLayer Tennis on Friday afternoons [incidentally, their Fresh Signals link feed (amazing) deserves credit for the title of the previous post].  I don’t get to share in the thrill of knowing what kind of Adobe chops it takes to generate each volley, but I suppose that just frees me up to judge each on artistic merit alone.  Anyway, LT is back as of yesterday, and the season’s first match–between Jeffrey Kalmikoff and Brendan Dawes–has me hooked all over again.

(Dawes blogged his experience here)


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