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Thoughts of pretty u and me, erotic city come alive.

Endorsements are pouring in for The Elysian Ball, a ginormous party coming this Thursday to the nine thousand square feet of Xchange West. Rather than try to distill the list of artists involved–which reads like a decade of Girlesque Burlesques–I’ll just copy below and let you sift through it for friends, bell-ringers, and people you’ve always wanted to see and never have. The $30 (presale-only) tickets are reasonable enough to make all the action seem like a steal. Details and a treasure after the jump.

From the release:

Hosted by international burlesque starlet and multi-media artist Angela Eve (Eve’s Parlor Burlesque / TwistedTassel Burlesque Festival / Image Collective) and artist and designer Christophe Gauspohl (M5 Artist Collective / Greysheep Design Lab / UNSCENE Urban Navigator)

Orchestrated as a modern interpretation of a classic speakeasy concept, this event showcases a variety of erotic-based performances in conjunction with interactive installations, fashion exhibits, video art, spoken word and more.

A 9,000 sq. ft. loft space in Chicago’s West Loop will be transformed into a circus-like environment, welcoming the audience into a deeply sensual environment combining old world sensibilities with new technologies, conjuring a winter escape of wonder and spectacle.

The Elysian Ball is an interactive exhibit which encourages our guests to come dressed in costume or creative formal wear, making actors of audience members…all within an installation designed to delve into the primal and visceral interpretations of EROTICA.

UNSCENE Urban Navigator
Debonair Social Club
The Flat Iron
Admiral Theater

Angela Eve
Read My Hips
Shayna Swanson (Aloft Aerial Troupe)
Sam Porretta
Teanna Zarro + Christophe Gauspohl

Angela Eve
Trixie Minx
Madame Mystere
Holly Peneo
Miss Maya Sinstress
Holly Wouldn’t
Ms. Bea Haven
Lady Jack
Miss Tamale
Colleen D’Evil
Viva La Muerte

Christophe Gauspohl
Angela Eve
Anastasios Ketsios
O’Connor Productions
Marci Rubins
Duets Miller

Angela Eve
Anastasios Ketsios
Nestor Leivas
Sonya Seidlaczek

Creative Chaos
Video Compilation By MG Fest
Nick Waraksa

Jimmy Sutton + guests
Mark Gertz (Dark Wave Disco)
Gary (Liars Club)

Angela Eve
Tyler Coughlin
Crisis Wear
Christophe Gauspohl
Lara Miller
Laura Thapthimkuna
Vex Clothing
Wicked Little Monkey

PS: This is a whacking class:


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