Posted by: trailerpilot | 02:04::2009

Fresh Flavor: Eastern Hemisphere Edition

Photo of Nibroll in <i>Coffee</i> by Nobutaka Sato.

Photo of Nibroll in Coffee by Nobutaka Sato.

As I’ve been harping on for weeks now, the coming days are packed with great dance and if you don’t get out for at least one of the shows going up then, well, don’t come to me bellyaching about your boredom.  This week’s Flavorpill is live online and covers both Batsheva’s Auditorium shows and Japan Dance Now at Columbia (which, having already played the West Coast, was covered by my San Francisco counterpart Ilya Tovbis).  Go get some tickets and see some cutting-edge performance!  It’s not like you live here for the weather or anything.


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