Posted by: trailerpilot | 01:13::2009


I had a terrific time this evening hosting DanceWorks’ latest Dance Chance, and am so glad I was given the opportunity (thanks Julie!).  Turnout was excellent and all three pieces–Autumn Eckman’s Standing Ground, Meg Anderson’s Escape Velocity, and Rebecca Niziol’s This Is It–were unique, well-crafted and superbly danced.  At the end of the evening, Rebecca took the opportunity to formally announce the start of a new regular gathering for improvisation practice in a group setting.  I was out of town and missed the launch brainstorm, but I’m really excited about it and, from the looks of their hot new website, these kids mean business.  The first installment of Ncounter will occur at the Ruth Page Center for the Arts on January 31.

One very cool thing the Ncounter folks have set up are notifications and reminders via SMS, through a service called TextMarks.  It’s got the potential, to my eyes anyway, to be the next wave of Constant Contact -style networked marketing, not to mention brilliantly simple (I was confirmed and done within 60 seconds).  I’m all signed up and hope to make the first meeting in person–stay tuned for updates.



  1. […] folks are at it again, this time at the Red Line Station at Lake this Saturday from 4-6pm. Remember, you can sign up for text message updates on the latest installment of the free improv series on […]

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